Friday, October 8, 2010

3x7 Tag

Chanz tagged me on this and I thought of taking up this Tag. Its sometimes good to think about own self and try to pick few from lots of them...So here I go:

3 things from my childhood that I cant forget

I think I will modify this question a bit and answer “ 3 memories of my childhood that I cant forget”

1. My Childhood Neighbour Friends – My childhood neighbour friends, I can never ever forget them. They are so many of them that naming few of them would be wrong…They were my second family not less than my first….

2. My Home – How can I forget that afterall it was the home of all the memories.

3. Doordarshan Serials – There are lot more exciting shows on the TV these days but nothing draws the same madness as the old Doordarshan Serials. To name a few there was- Ramayan, Mahabharat, Chandrakanta, Rangooli, Chitrahaar, Captain Vyom, Shaktiman etc etc

3 things I wud never say no to

1. Movies
2. Long Drive
3. Good veg. food

3 moods that describes me the best

1. Happy
2. Cheerful
3. Loving
(Only good mood make me best)

3 places I wud pack my travel bag for

1. Vaishno Devi (I have been trying to go there for very very long)
2. Leh
3. Alaska

3 On-Screen characters I love to watch

1. Shahrukh Khan/ Madhavan/ Abhishek Bachchan/ Ajay Devgan/ Ranbir Kapoor
2. Tom & Jerry/ Aladdin
3. Talespin/ Duck Tales

3 things I always think of doing on a weekend... but never did.. :)

1. Dieting- No junk food
2. Call all my friends
3. Search job online

3 things I cant live without

1. Mobile phone
2. Water
3. Handkerchief

I tag here everyone who read this.... You can send me your 3x7 in the comment also...