Monday, August 30, 2010

Taking decisions are rather a big thing

The world know me as independent, earning, strong headed, family's most lovable kid, professionally good self. But am I really big enough to handle the world around me? This is something which has been haunting me for a long time now.

I dont know whether this happens with you or not, but I --- finds it difficult to take a decision alone- ranging from choosing a dress to choosing a company. I just want that some one tells me do this, i dont want any options for anything.

And please please please, for God sake dont tell me "Anjali tu shaadi kar le". I really dont need to get married only for the sake of coming out of a sad day...

Life has came to such a standstill. We have friends number but no time to call them. We have everyone on our FB and Orkut and this and that but we dont have time to post a message. You have money but youcan hardly remember when was the last time you bought something for yourself. You have loving family but you can count the number of years you have been leaving alone.

The only thing that can save you in these conditions are Friends..... I owe to all my friends to be so loving to me throughout the years, but i also owe them the apologizes for not being nice to them sometimes, i owe them apologizes for failing to understand them sometimes, i owe them these and much more to all my friends, especially some special ones who might even not read this post.

Sorry to anyone who reads this blog for nothing but a sad post, nothing but only my dissapointing thinking.......